Friday, April 04, 2008

100 Things Worth Doing (1-25)

Welcome to my new Friday series. I've borrowed the idea from other blogs I read. Most of them refer to these lists as "scenes I hope flash before my eyes right before I die." I found the whole exercise to be fascinating! It really made me think back through my life - what were the significant moments, what are the things I am really glad I did, what are the experiences that shaped me, when did I find myself the most happy or most affected, etc. So without further delay, numbers 1-25:

1. Reagan's tiny face nestled amongst her blankets for the first time
2. Driving with the windows down
3. Making Reagan laugh
4. Doing my own hair for junior prom
5. Singing at my brother’s wedding
6. Waking up Brian to tell him we were pregnant
7. Singing in front of church and having the congregation stand up without asking
8. Kissing Brian at our wedding
9. An actual conversation with Jeremy Camp about music and Jesus
10. Mac from Third Day point at me during a concert
11. Reagan being baptized
12. “This Is My Father’s World” at Mt. Rushmore with Concert Choir
13. Dancing with my friends in my college apartment
14. Reading through the entire Bible - in three years
15. Buying my very own guitar
16. Making Reagan’s bed for the first time
17. Changing Reagan’s diaper for the first time
18. Our baby on an ultrasound
19. Singing outside somewhere in Canada after a concert choir concert and hearing our voices bouncing off the mountains around us
20. “How Great Thou Art” with concert choir members at Lake Louise in Canada
21. Brunch with Laura and both admitting that we were pregnant
22. Winning an award at college for a piece I had written
23. A copy of the Des Moines Register on Christmas Day and seeing my article in print
24. Moving into our newly-purchased house on our first anniversary
25. Holding hands with Brian in children’s park in Sioux Center


Laura said...

Wahoo!!!!!!!! #13 & #21!!!!!!!!! : ) Great times my friend, great times.

I miss you so much. I love to read your blog & thoughts on life and I wish we could sit on your couch eating that snickers fudge and have Bennett & Reagan playing while we chat... sigh... I wish I didn't hate talking on the phone so much (love the people, hate the actual phone physicality & the impersonal, interruptive part about it). Anyway, cheers to you Jean!

Dale Deur said...

What!!! You were published in the Des Moines Red Star? How did I miss this? Ohhhh, yeah, that's right, I got mad and canceled my subscription...

tapango1 said...

very odd....i got number 23 for christmas also...your article too,lol