Saturday, March 22, 2008

Six Weird Things About Me...

Seriously, how many of you just said, “Really, Jean? Only six?” I so agree. I could come up with...more. A lot more. But that’s okay. In some small way, I like being a little weird. As long as I am the one to label myself as such. I’ve already done OCD evidence posts so no need to repeat all that crazy behavior. Here’s some new info for your have-Jean-committed file.

1. I can listen to the same song on repeat for days on end. It started when I made an effort to learn songs that I was going to be singing. However it began, I now often find that a certain song speaks to me or really just matches some internal rhythm in my soul and I play it obsessively as much as possible.

2. My penmanship changes based on the color of the pen I am using. Blue is best. Black is just a mess. Big fat sloppy mess.

3. I can walk on a gravel road without shoes on. I can even run on a gravel road in my bare feet.

4. I only eat two kinds of yogurt - lemon and lime. Because they are the only ones that come with NO YUCKY CHUNKS OF FRUIT IN THEM! I am super picky about the texture of my food. Uninvited lumps are not welcome in anything other than ice cream...and then it better be a chocolate lump filled with peanut butter or caramel.

5. I get really antsy when I leave the sanctuary after church, fetch Reagan from the nursery and then have to face the pass or fail test of finding someone to talk to. Augh! Seriously. It stresses me out. I frequently wander around aimlessly till someone is gracious enough to rescue me. Before Reagan was born and before Hubby began his money-counting-chores, I would frequently leave very quickly after church and sit in the car and wait for him there. I was that freaked out by the idea of NOT being able to find someone to talk to.

6. I took the 3rd level of swimming lessons one summer and flunked. The next summer I took it again...and flunked. The next summer I took it with a private teacher. And flunked. No, I never passed the 3rd level. I think its because I look suspiciously like I am drowning any time water is touching my face. Like I come up from being under water and ferociously wipe the water from my eyes and gasp for air. I’m really okay. I just don’t look it. I went swimming a couple times with Hubby in a lake and someone gave me a life jacket. I was immeasurably happy as I could just do NOTHING and bob around in the water. That was fabulous.

Oh, lookie there, that’s six. Thank goodness.

I now tag Dale and Michelle. Your turn.


Dale Deur said...

Jean, how am I ever going to boil it down to a manageable number? Hopeless. By the way, the gravel road thing made my feet hurt to READ.

JCMF said...

Hey, Evan is RIGHT THERE with you on the yogurt. "Is this one smooth?" he will ask plaintively, holding up a new flavour by the fridge. He would, if he were awake and reading this post, likely commend your good sense, and whisper that you should try orange cream (by AE) sometime if you get the chance. It's totally safe. And I totally understand. It could be a hereditary trait, this need for smooth food. Although it sounds strange, and not quite as healthy as yogurt is perhaps meant to be, chocolate mousse is also quite a nice change from lemon, lime, or dependable sensible plain vanilla. I'm just saying.

Tom said...

Smooth foods - I'm there. Only ice cream with bits. Jello with chunks is the bane of my existence.

Listening to the same song at least 50 times in a row - I thought I was the only one. I've made Angie unappreciative of some songs she used to not mind by just playing them over and over and over and over...

Miz Jean said...

Tom, I believe we may be related...

Jody, I am DEFINTELY going to try the orange cream! Thanks for the suggestion!