Monday, September 24, 2007

As promised...softball marathon pictures

"My wife is crazy. She thinks I'm going to win the homerun derby. As if that's even possible. I'd have to hit like 7 homeruns to do that!" ~Brian (I was right)

"Mom, its really just too cold and this hat annoys me." ~Reagan

"I know Mommy hates it when I chew on the kitchen cabinet knobs, but they are just too delicious. Yum!" ~Reagan

"What? We're back here? Did Daddy stay here overnight? Are you people crazy? Its still cold." ~Reagan

"Oh good, Grandma is here! She'll keep me warm!" ~Reagan

"I am going to be the best bat girl EVER!" ~Reagan

"What's that Daddy? You need me to pinch hit for you?" ~Reagan

"Okay, Daddy is warming up and stretching so I better do that too. Lift the right leg. Feel the burn." ~Reagan

"That was fun, but really, its cold. Can we go home?" ~Reagan

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