Friday, September 14, 2007

24 Hours of Softball -- Ugh

Hubby has signed up to play on the "marathon team" for the local Christian grade school's annual SOFTBALL MARATHON. One team plays for 24 hours straight, while other outside teams (churches, community groups, whoever) each get one hour time slots. It starts tonight.

Last year, Hubby played for the first time on the marathon team. And while he enjoyed it, the whole experience ended in a way he does not have any recollection of. The last game was rained out. And by "rained out" I mean it was an absolute all-out monsoon. I have NEVER in all my days seen it rain like that. I had gone to watch the last game and then take him and his stinky sock entourage home when the skies opened up. The streets flooded so badly in some places that I was completely unsure we would make it home alive. Sounds ridiculous, but its true.

Upon arriving home, Hubby explained to me that he wasn't going to go right to bed, but wanted to take a small nap and then go to bed at regular time. Fine, whatever. He curls up on the couch and minutes later is completely catatonic. Sort of. About 2 or 3 hours into his "small nap", he "woke up" and looked at me and we had the following conversation:

B - We need to fix the shipping routes!
J - What shipping routes?
B - The routes. We need to fix them!
J - What on earth are you talking about?
B - We have to fix the shipping routes.
J - Honey, I think you are talking in your sleep.
B - No! The routes!!
J - Okay, we'll fix the routes.

Two things happened immediately after that. Hubby flopped back down on the sofa and checked out once again and I burst into fits of laughter.

When I asked him if he remember our conversation about the shipping routes the next day, he looked at me as though I had just talked in my sleep. He still insists that he did NOT do any such thing. But he did. And I full expect it to happen again. Of course, this time I will have a witness! Too bad the only thing she can say is "HA!" and "EH!" and "Bababababa". I'm working so hard on teaching her to say not just one word but rather a whole phrase "Mommy is right!"

Anyway, Reagan and I will watch the games this evening and then wander home to sleep in our beds like normal human beings. Hubby will play his little softball-loving-heart out till we pick him up tomorrow at 5 PM.

Let the games begin!

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