Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Two important, notable discoveries


In an effort to actually use items I actually own instead of actually purchasing new things, I have been drinking of this insulated coffee mug (complete with lid). I paid a hefty price for it - it was free. It is navy blue with a lovely gold FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BLAHBLAHBLAH emblazoned on, not one, but both sides. You know, in case you can’t turn the mug around to view their weird advertisement. I have a different free mug I normally bring to work so this was a new experience. I began to doubt the quality of the blue and gold mug the other day when I discovered the gold actually scrapes off...quite easily. I have since modified the lettering a bit, though I’m not actually creative enough to make it say something funny. This morning, I am sitting at my desk, working, of course, and drinking my doctored-to-the-extreme cup of joe, when low and behold I look down and note several strange coffee-drool-like splotches on my shirt. Fortunately for me my shirt has lots of stripes so the splotches were not overly noticeable. This isn’t the first time this happened. Last week I took said mug to Bible study. Upon arriving home I noted many coffee-drool-like splotches on my white shirt. I was so embarrassed. Was I really such a slob of a coffee-drinker that I couldn’t manage to get the contents of one simple mug in my mouth? Good grief. I mean really, if this is going to be outcome, I might have to stop drinking it. And while that would be a more health-conscious/intelligent choice, I instead spent time this morning investigating the mug itself. Because clearly, it's never my fault. Imagine my horror (and profound sense of renewed cleanliness pride) when I discovered after every tip of the mug to my mouth, small bits of coffee seeped underneath the lid - making an inevitable coffee-drool-like drop on one’s clothes! I am filled with relief. But I’m annoyed at the two coffee blops in my shirt. It’s really a shame because this mug, unlike the other, actually fits in the cupholder in my car thus eliminating the need for one-handed driving.


I was explaining discovery #1 to my coworker. She laughed at my plight, and my coffee-drool-like splotches, reached into her purse and pulled out one of those Tide-To-Go pens. Try this, she says. I’ve got nothing to lose so I tried it. I am buying one the next chance I get. These little doohickies are awesome! It perfectly and completely removed both of the aforementioned coffee blops and I am incredibly pleased that (1) I discovered the root of the problem and will be able to avoid future mars and (2) I was able to remove any evidences of my lesson. I no longer look like I am competing with Reagan for number of spots on my clothes. Also, this little miracle stick will be handy for that little bumpkin. If she manages to not spew on her own clothes, she most definitely will aim for mine. She’s cute, but she’s messy! I highly recommend Tide-To-Go if you drink coffee from cheap mugs, or if you plan on holding my child.

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