Monday, June 18, 2007

New Days

So I started to write a post for today and realized that a weekend report was just too boring to force you poor poor souls to read. It would be completely/perfectly typical if not for two occurrences - the only things worth telling you about.

Saturday night we dropped Reagan off with her Uncle, Aunt and Cousin and headed out to the drive-in movie theater. The show started at 9:00 so, as you can imagine, this was a bit of a late night for our baby...and our babysitters. We saw Shrek III and my review of this film would not probably give it more than 2 stars. Plot weak. Characterization okay. Humor weak. Resolution fair. Nothing stellar. Had we gone to see it in the theater, just the two of us, I would have been fairly disappointed. But since we went to the drive in with a bunch of our friends, it was a lot of fun. However, I have come to the conclusion that I should not see movies with other people. For one embarrasing reason: I laugh too much. I laugh at everything. I laugh at things that aren't funny. I laugh at ackward moments. I laugh, snicker, snitter and snort my way through every flop of a joke and every obvious comedic attempt. I'll be the first to admit half the stuff isn't funny at all. But I laugh. And I'm often the only one.

Sunday morning we were at church listening to the children's sermon. It was going along just fine until some little kids accidentally tipped over our gigantic, and very very heavy, pulpit onto the landing where all the other kids were sitting. Many moments of mass panic ensued. Parents were crying and screaming, wondering if their kids got hurt. Dads were sprinting to the front. Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. One little boy hurt his leg but was fine by the end of the service. It was just very upsetting. It could have been so much worse but we are so thankful that it wasn't. The children's sermon was supposed to end with the singing of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands". After making sure no one else was injured, the kids and congregation sang it...or at least some of us attempted to choke the words out.

And in Reagan news, she enjoyed a visit from her Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt on Sunday afternoon. She is sampling carrots this week. And she has decided that she much prefers sleeping on her tummy. So much so that I have had to wake her up in the mornings. She'll be going to bed earlier tonight to see if we can fix that little problem. Her second tooth has come through. And she managed to spit up all over me this morning and then have a leaky diaper, thus causing mommmy to have to change her clothes and be slightly late for work.

But Mr. Bossman is gone this week so it didn't matter!

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