Wednesday, November 06, 2013


This will not be my most awesome effort at prose, but if you're up for some light reading, please read on.

1.  You've heard of No-Shave-November.  Men cheer and women groan.  Except me.  I'm the odd duck.  I actually like a little facial hair.  Brian's goatee is back and I, for one, am glad.  I draw the line at a mountain-man bushy beard, but he's looking great :)

2.  This morning Maddie put on a winter coat and shoes and went outside to wave at Reagan as she got on the bus.  Now, as is usual, Reagan forgot to wave and sat staring out the opposite window.  Normally, this sort of hurts Maddie's feelings.  EXCEPT TODAY!  Today half of the sweet kids on the bus sat there and waved like crazy at little Maddie.  Oh man.  I got teary.  There they were, all these "big kids" just waving and smiling at her.  She came in and I said, "Did you see that!?  Did you see how they all waved at you!?"  She nodded and said, "That makes me happy."  Oh me too.

3.  You may have caught this picture on facebook yesterday.  I got Hunter out of his high chair and turned to the kitchen with his bib.  When I turn around I find him pushing his high chair almost to the edge of the stairs.  What you can't see in this picture is several things.  First of all, the pleased little grunting sounds he was making as he neared the stairs.  Secondly, the absolute all-out-body-turns-to-jello fit hit threw when I stopped him and grabbed him.  This kid, he keeps me on my toes.

4.  Word on the street is that they may be framing our house soon!!  Yay!!  Also, I am particularly at ease because our builder seems to share my vision for this house.  I think every time we sit down with Marc I feel more and more assured that we chose the right person for our project.  I don't handle changes to my floor plan well.  I know some of you have looked at the floor plan and questioned certain things about it, and I respect that.  But I've been pretty set on keeping the floor plan as I had drawn it.  However, Marc has made a few little changes or suggestions and they have been amazingly awesome (I'm amazed that I liked them, that is).  This week we had to pick out our windows and doors (something my husband is really good at from his years at Pella Corp.) and that was pretty fun.  So things are moving along!

5.  I just started reading The Chronicles of Narnia to Reagan and Maddie (we are still in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe).  They LOVE the movies and are enjoying the book quite a bit.  This is something my Mom read to me when I was little so it is fun to keep the tradition going. :)

6.  We are studying "Christmas" right now at Coffee Break and I love that!  It does make me want to decorate for Christmas - I might do that soon.  I know lots of people feel that Christmas needs to wait for Thanksgiving.  By no means so I skip over Thanksgiving.  We celebrate that a lot here.  The girls have Thanksgiving Trees (each night they write something they are thankful for on a leaf which we then put on the tree) and we read books about Thanksgiving and do Thanksgiving crafts.  We do not skip that holiday!  But I love thinking about Christmas NOW.  I love really dwelling on it because that takes my focus away from the presents and the parties and helps me think about how Christmas should change the way we live.  Wonderful time to study Christmas!

7.  Grandma was able to come for one of Maddie's snack days at preschool.  She did this for Reagan too a couple years ago.  :)  Maddie was DELIGHTED that Grandma could come and have fun with her.  She's still talking about how great it was when Grandma came for snack day.

So this morning still has me dwelling on our Christmas study which encouraged me to show love to others.  And then the bus-waving incident happened.  And I am reminded that it doesn't take much.  It can be such a simple act.  It can be just the way we speak to telemarketers on the telephone.  It can be the smile we give to people around us at the checkout line at the grocery store.  It can be an extra five minutes tucking our kids into bed.  So simple - and yet...it can mean SO much.  Can I just encourage you to show love today?  Think of those kids on the bus and do something simple - something beyond taking care of you - something to bless someone else.

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