Monday, October 07, 2013

Feeling Out of Breath

When I got pregnant with Hunter, I remember thinking "I will be totally happy no matter what gender this baby is."  And it was true.  I would have been thrilled to have another girl.  Because we understood girl in our house.  With two little ladies, we had all the clothes, accessories, and toys to welcome a baby girl.  With our several years of experience with daughters, another daughter did not phase us in the least.

In the end, we were thrilled to have a boy.

I do childcare once a week at a local gym, so I do have some experience taking care of boys.  What I noticed was that boys were just generally rougher than girls.  Makes sense.  This was not surprising to me.

I wouldn't say I thought "Oh, I'll raise my boy differently."  I figured he'd be a little rougher than his sisters had been.  But when at six months he took his rattle into the kitchen and whacked it with all his might against the ceramic tile floor I got a little glimpse of the type of boy Hunter would be.

He isn't rough or mean...he's just strong and determined and tough and curious and ALWAYS MOVING. 

Today has been one of those days where I can hardly keep up.  He has moved from room to room, systematically (seems that way) destroying one area at a time.  Just when I get one mess cleaned up I turn around to find another mess.  Nevermind that there is a PILE OF TOYS in the middle of the living room that is not being played with.

It's beginning to seem like a good addition to our house might be some heavy duty fencing whereby we can contain our little tornado to one area.

One particular moment this weekend strikes me as a good summary of how things go around here: Brian was sitting with Hunter on the floor playing, but got up to do something in the bedroom.  Hunter followed him there.  Hunter followed him everywhere.  And after 5 minutes of having a shadow, Brian carried him back in the living room and said, "I can see why your Mom never gets anything done around here!" 

I had two thoughts:
1) I beg to differ.
2) Yes, exactly.

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