Monday, April 08, 2013

Book Review: Follow Me by David Platt

So I read a book.

And it sort of...bothered me.

In a good way.  I think.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail.  I don't feel like I could do a "real book review" justice on this one unless I spent a lot more time digging into it.

And I could spend a lot more time digging into it.  But for now I need to let it sit and percolate for a bit. 

Here's what I will say: this book pulls no punches.  David hammers home the point that every single believer should be doing their best to spread the gospel.  And he doesn't surgarcoat it.  He doesn't say, "just do what you can to spread the gospel to the people that live across the street" (though that is a good place to start).  He plants the idea that maybe God really is calling us to go to the ends of the earth with his love.  Not calling those few radical and brave souls who actually are real "missionaries".  Maybe he's calling us to all be missionaries.


David has a very easy reading style.  His stories are pointed and intriguing and thought-provoking.  Not to mention - he's very inspiring.

You might not thank me for this recommendation.  You might read this and think "Oh man...now my heart is unsettled."  That's how I feel anyway.

Much like David's first book, Radical, I feel called to live my faith in a more courageous way. 

I'm trying to plug what I read into my stay-at-home-mom role.  It's not easy. 

But Jesus never promised us it would be easy.  In fact, he said it WOULDN'T be easy.

I encourage you to read Follow Me if you are feeling brave, or comfortable, or uninspired.  It may mess with you.

And that might be a good thing.

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