Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reagan's Own Room

For three years, the girls shared a room (the "nursery").  It housed a crib and when Maddie was born we got a twin bed set up in there for Reagan.  It is a nice big/long room and it easily accommodated both of them.  They loved sharing a room and it was fun to listen at the door at night as they talked to each other.  Granted, it was frustrating some nights when they wouldn't go to sleep because they were messing around.  

So when we got pregnant, we knew we would have to do something different.  Eventually, the baby would need the crib and Maddie was easily old enough for a big girl bed of her own.  We very nearly bought a second twin bed set to put in the nursery, but then at the last minute decided it was really time for Reagan to have her own room.  Since she was going to be in school this year, we really felt it would be better for her to have a room of her own so that she could learn to take of it herself and not be interrupted by a little sister or brother while she was sleeping.  

We bought some furniture (praise God for a furniture store with a free cookie bakery!!), painted up the walls and got a few things to make it the perfect room for her.  I am so happy with how it turned out!  

She has done a wonderful job of keeping it neat and organized, and she seems to really love to have her own space.        

The bedding is not too little girl and will hopefully grow with her.

I cut out all those butterflies by hand and they are just sticky-tacked to the wall.
 I found the desk at a garage sale and bought it for $15.  It has a future in a lovely shade of yellow.

Framed posters will be easy to change out as she grows older and perhaps gets tired of princesses.

The bookshelf is a particular favorite because she can organize all her little treasures.

The best part of Reagan having a room of her own is that our bedtimes have gotten so much easier with both girls in their own rooms.  We don't have to repeatedly remind them that it is time to sleep or threaten punishments if they don't stop talking.  They simply go to bed and are quiet until they fall asleep.  Wonderful!!  

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