Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's been a while.  The blog hiatus all started when my old computer no longer supported blogger.com.  That was a small problem.  The problem was further exacerbated by a little lightning strike that took out the internet capabilities on said old computer.  I won't lie, when Brian told me the old computer had bit the dust socially I was kinda excited.  So yesterday, my new laptop arrived and I did a little dance of joy. 

But this renewed interconnectedness means we have some catching up to do.

Firstly, we have a little old NEWS to take care of.  I think all of you already know, but we are expecting our third little one just before Christmas.  Reagan and Maddie are VERY excited.  They like to toss out name suggestions like "Strawberry Shortcake" and "Belle".  It's also brought about some great questions about where babies come from and how they get out.  I dance around conversational landmines like that all the live long day.  We had an ultrasound several weeks ago and found out we are having a...  JUST KIDDING!  My Mom is going to yell at me.  Anyway, we do know what we are having but we are not telling anyone.  Not even our children so please don't pester them for information.  They know nothing.

We had a nice summer, though it was awfully hot.  We didn't take any big vacations, which was kinda nice.  I, for one, am longing for the cooler temperatures of fall.  We celebrated Brian's Dad's 60th birthday party one weekend.  We also hit up Adventureland with my whole family one super hot day this summer.

Reagan started kindergarten a few weeks ago.  She was very excited to go and even rode the bus like a big kid.  I stifled a sob as I helped her up the steps of the bus, and when I turned around, Maddie was quietly whimpering.  Oh man.  We were both kinda sad for a while.  But we were very happy to welcome our big girl back home again.  Reagan loves school, loves her teacher, and often comes home with nifty stories to tell us. 

Brian played in something like his 7th 24 Hour Softball Marathon for Reagan's school this past weekend.  We went to cheer him on and watch the mascot game.  The girls love going to the Softball Marathon each year.

So life is good.  Very good.  I feel very blessed and content these days.  And while I am eager for December to just GET HERE ALREADY, I am also trying to enjoy the blessings and goodness of NOW.

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