Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cookies with Friends

Every year, we get together with our friends - the Zylstras - to decorate Christmas cookies. When we first started, Reagan was very small and Maddie was a baby. This year it was so fun to watch both Reagan and Madison get into decorating. Reagan was even able to frost the cookies herself (for the most part). Maddie's favorite thing was to load a cookie with candies and then eat all of them off.

We always have such fun doing this with Aidan and Lydia. The kids get so excited and have such fun ideas. And the end product is most often some very heavily-candied cookies! We try to have a rule about no cookies until AFTER SUPPER, but this year the Daddies had trouble following that rule. At any rate, this is a really fun thing to do with friends and one of our favorite Christmas traditions!

Merry Christmas to our friends: Kyle, Shalene, Lydia, Aidan and "baby" Norah Zylstra!!

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