Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sacred and Simple: An Ordinary Day

It all began in the morning, when Reagan decided to help me strip wallpaper in the bathroom. To her it was terribly entertaining and for once it was something she could actually HELP me with.

They played together for a while and then I got ready to go out. It was a gorgeous day - 80 degrees, sunny, and a gentle cool breeze. Absolute perfection.

We loaded up the double stroller and headed out. Our first stop was the bakery for a giant frosted cookie for them to share. Their faces were covered in a film of pink frosting, as we sat on a park bench in the shade and savored our treats.

Then it was off to the library. The library never disappoints! We overdosed on books and a few movies, finding it hard to fit it all in the stroller storage compartment.

A few blocks further found us at the park. Reagan played with a few other little girls. Maddie pretended to play hide and seek with them. It wasn't too hot to go down the slide for the first time in many weeks.

It was such a lovely day that we agreed we should go home and have a picnic lunch. On our walk home we strolled once around the pond, missing the turtles that used to live there.

We laid our blue and green paisely blanket on the front lawn in the shade of our little tree. We ate our sandwiches and apple slices. All of us ended up sprawled on our backs afterwards, feeling the perfect breeze blow over an around us.

Maddie went down for a nap, Reagan watched a movie, and I stripped more wallpaper - getting a lot further than I thought I would.

Soon it was time to make supper - Brocolli Alfredo - my own concoction. It was good.

I did dishes while Brian took the girls outside for some playtime. They practiced catching and throwing and biking - all good Daddy activities! I had some quiet time by the picture window where I could see them.

My heart will forever remember the sight of little Maddie on the tricycle. Reagan actually hit the ball that Brian pitched to her.

I went outside to demonstrate the use of the bubble wand. The girls chased the bubbles around the yard, Maddie popping one on her face and giggling like crazy.

We went inside and Brian gave them a bath. I over hear Reagan asking Brian "When will mine get big like Mommy's? How will I wear a shirt?" We both stifled a serious urge to laugh loudly.

I combed their blond hair. Then we read 3 books.

The girls said their prayers, remembering to pray for their friends. Always on the friend prayers, Reagan adds Maddie's name at the end. There were hugs and kisses and lights out.

It was 9:30 when Brian remembered a sale at the grocery store. Buy a certain number of items and get a deal on a backpack filled with school supplies. It was the last day.

Gently, we woke up Reagan and asked her if she would like to go to the store to pick out a backpack. Her eyes barely open, she nodded. So Brian took his pink pajamaed little girl to the store where she got to pick out her very first backpack.

By the time she got home with her flower-covered backpack, she was very awake and very excited. I was glad we had woken her up so she could have that joy.

We tucked her back in bed. I read the last 5 pages of a good book. The lights went out. And we all slept.

So ordinary and all so very very treasured. Everyday is a gift from God. I know it. But yesterday, it really felt like an extravagant, unexpected, perfect present.

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Stephanie said...

Sounds amazing to me, and yes a gift from God's heart to yours!