Monday, June 20, 2011

Tot School - X, 12, Y and Z

Letter X was a challenge. We didn't do much for it because there was simply not much to do. We colored a xylophone and did a little xylophone puzzle. For our fun activity we followed a trail of X's to the prize which was a piece of candy for both Maddie and Reagan. Our letter wall craft was an X-Ray of Reagan's arm using black paper and chalk. Letter X was EXTRAORDINARY.

For number 12 we did our number card and some dot to dot worksheets.

Letter Y was another challening one. We made a YOYO for our letter wall. I also had the girls color a YAK. This pretty much exhausted my Y-words so I pulled out some tot school lapbooks for Reagan to work on and she LOVED them. Letter Y was a YAWN.

Letter Z was fun. We made a ZEBRA paper bag puppet though I should have had a white bag! We did some Z worksheets I had found online. And for our letter wall we made a ZOO which was fun. I had each animal cage labeled and Reagan could figure out what animal went where by looking at the first letter of the word. Then she glued them in place. Again, I pulled out some tot school lapbooks that she loved. Letter Z was ZANY!

Here are all the tot school lapbooks I had assembled for our tot school year. We love these as they are usable again and again. Reagan often asks for them to work on during quiet time.

Here are a few workbooks we will be working on over the summer just to keep the skills fresh. Reagan LOVES doing workbooks.

And here is our completed alphabet wall. It didn't actually all fit on one wall, as you can see, but this is a collection of a LOT of work from Ms. Reagan. I plan to someday take them all down and put them all in a binder for her. It's a fun reminder to us of our year of tot school together.

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