Sunday, May 01, 2011

My Little Fancy Nancy

Reagan and I got all dressed up to attend the Fancy Nancy Tea Party at our library. Have I mentioned how much I love my library? Yes? Oh. Well, it bears repeating. No surprise the sign up list was full.

Brian and Maddie went off on a little Daddy / Daughter Day at the Farm adventure and left Reagan and I at home for the whole afternoon. We had lots of fun getting ready. As in: LOTS. OF. FUN!

There were all sorts of fun activities at the tea party. First the girls colored Fancy Nancy pictures. Then they made crowns. You'll notice my daughter hogged every single heart sequin in the dish. She was stoked about the crown.

Then we listened to a great Fancy Nancy book about cupcakes.

The girls then played musical chairs. Now, Reagan has never played musical chairs before. I didn't expect this to go well. Let's just say my girl apparently knows a thing or two about NOT SHARING because she had no trouble whatsoever with the game. (Please note: my husband thinks this picture is hilarious because all these girls have their ankles crossed without instruction to do so.)

After the game she got to make a bracelet.

And then there was time for cake and pop.

It was a LOT of fun! I loved having some one on one time with my Fancy Reagan girl.

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Michelle Simpson Photos said...

How fun! It's great that you were able to have one on one time with her. I was never competitive enough to do well at musical chairs, but apparently Reagan will do great!