Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tot School - P, 8, Q, and R

Letter P

For letter P, I decided to go all out. We had a PRINCESS PARTY, complete with PINK and PURPLE decorations and PRINCESS outfits. Yes, even I dressed up for the occasion. Reagan was beyond thrilled. Maddie didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but was pretty happy because there were snacks. As we ate our snacks, the girls decorated PRINCESS crowns with stickers. We then worked on some PATTERN worksheets. I had a picture of a PIG for Reagan to color – which she definitely did. And we made a slice of PIZZA for our letter wall. Letter P was PERFECT!

Number 8

We did our sticker card and also worked on a counting worksheet. Counting is not a challenge for Reagan. But drawing a zig zag line is a challenge for her so the other worksheet we worked on made her focus.

Letter Q

I had very little planed for letter Q because, well, there isn’t a lot to say about Q. We made a QUILT for our letter wall. This was fun and easy. We also played a loud and QUIET game with Maddie. But that was about it. Letter Q was QUITE QUIZICAL.

Letter R

What a relief to move to an easier letter! Letter R is a very popular letter at our house. REAGAN was excited to learn about “her letter”. First we talked about RHYMING and she did a couple worksheets. We’ve never really talked about RHYMING so I was pretty impressed that she picked it up immediately. We made a RAINBOW for our alphabet wall. REAGAN also did a letter R tracing worksheet and a RECTANGLES worksheet. Lastly, we traced REAGAN onto a giant piece of paper and my intention was for her to color herself. However, I failed to realize that that would take a LOT of coloring. She did color some of it and she and Maddie had fun playing with it afterwards. Letter R was REALLY RAD.

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