Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tot School - Number 6

We had just two days to do our tot school lesson this week because we are starting our advent paper chain / advent activities this week (December 1).

Reagan did her sticker card and then a diagonal lines sheet. I have really noticed an improvement in how she holds a pencil and has more control over it. She also wanted to trace her own hand and I think she did a pretty good job.

For a bit of fun, we played a game I made up. I probably got the idea from somewhere and some point in time, but have long since forgotten. This is ridiculously easy to make and Reagan said it was “REALLY FUN!”. I called it the directions game. It could be a Simon Says game too, but I wanted to start easy for her first time playing. I called out things like “Stand on one leg on the oval” or “sit on the five” or “tickle the red” or “put the four on top of the circle”. You get the idea. So simple but it kept her very entertained. We’ll be playing this one again sometime.

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