Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tot School - Number 5

I had a whole bunch of Thanksgiving crafts all planned for November and we still have not done a single one of them. There’s time yet, I suppose. But I am surprised at how much planning and focus our tot school has taken each week.

This week we learned about the number 5. We did our sticker card and I also had a vertical line tracing worksheet for Reagan to work on. She did surprisingly well on the vertical lines. I was quite pleased. I think her mood was right and we had some good uninterrupted time to focus, so that definitely helped.

I had also found some good Thanksgiving worksheets online. I picked the ones I thought would work best for us and printed those. Reagan enjoyed them quite a bit. We both especially liked the People/Food sorting worksheet. This was one of the first categorizing projects we’ve worked on and she did really well.

She was watching me cut with scissors and said she wanted to do it. I let her have her own sheet of paper, showed her how to hold the scissors and then how to operate them. It took quite a bit of patience, some bravery for me, and a fairly significant amount of time, but she really ended up getting the hang of it. I keep scissors out of reach around here and really haven’t seen a need to get them out. But I think now she is to the age where she should be learning how to use them. It was a good first experience. I’m guessing we’ll be doing this frequently in the future as well.

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