Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tot School - Letter K

Good grief, blogging about tot school is getting away from me. I blame it on the holidays. And the baking. And the parties. And the eating. Also, a certain cutie pie turned 4 years old over here and we were busy having too much fun to blog.

We started our lesson this week by decorating a KITE with some Diego stickers. Now, as you may or may not know, Diego is a groovy little cartoon friend of Dora and he spends all of his time helping animals. Diego, you see, is very KIND! We talked about KINDNESS while Reagan decorated the KITE. She had some good ideas of how she could be KIND to others.

Then we played with this KANGAROO that I made. I hand-drew this one but later found a printable one online. Oops. Oh well.

We also made a KITTEN out of a paper plate. Reagan had fun taking the various pieces and putting them on where they go. I think she did a great job drawing some serious whiskers.

Letter K was a KEEPER!

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