Friday, October 29, 2010

Tot School - Letter I

Supply and demand – she demanded and I supplied a lot more material for this week’s lesson. I came up with a few of these on my own.

First Reagan made an ICE cream cone by sticking the scoops on top of one another. She had fun with this and it was easy. We’ll be adding this one to our letter wall.

Then we worked on an IOWA lesson! Reagan colored the IOWA flag per my instructions. She did a lot better at actually trying to color in one area and not just scribbling all over the paper. I was happy with how this turned out.

Then we made an ITSY bitsy spider (complete with water spout). Reagan picked out the body and the legs and the eyes. I did the gluing. Then we sang the ITSY bitsy spider and did had our little spidey friend do the actions. She absolutely loved this and it was fun to do a craft that we could play with afterwards. I do recommend that parents fold the ends of the pipecleaners up as they can be very sharp and pokey.

Lastly we made an INCHWORM by gluing milk lids to a sheet of paper and adding some nifty google eyes.

We also had ICE CREAM after supper which all of us enjoyed.


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