Friday, September 24, 2010

Tot School - Letter F

We started our lesson by drawing a picture of our FAMILY. This was a challenge for Reagan as she hasn’t really reached the drawing stage yet. But after some help, she managed to create this masterpiece all on her own.

We also made a FROG hand puppet from a Martha Stewart craft kit. Reagan did really well with this and really enjoyed the end product.

Reagan drew on this FACE how she was FEELING that day. Happy!

I have also prepared some lapbooks for her that I found on the internet (free downloads).

The first one we looked at was the FEELINGS lapbook. This was a really fun lapbook and Reagan did really well with it. She enjoyed the matching exercises and liked finding the different FACES with the FEELINGS. It has a neat section with various questions like “This girl just lost her teddy bear. How is she feeling?” and then Reagan had to find the face that matched that feeling. It was really good for her to think through how different experiences made her feel different ways and to match faces with those emotions. We’ll be doing this lapbook many more times in the future!

The second lapbook I had was a FARM lapbook. It has various sections like a farm puzzle, a tractor sequencing game and an animal heads and tails matching game. Reagan really enjoyed this as well and she would have spent a lot more time on it if we hadn’t already been working together for 45 minutes. We'll try this again in the future as well.

For our snack we had FISH crackers.

Letter F was FANTASTIC!

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