Monday, August 16, 2010

Tot School - Letter A

We started tot school a little later than I had planned. But packing and preparing for a family vacation takes a little more work than I had anticipated. Even though we are starting a week late, with the lesson plan I have developed there is lots of room for flexibility.

This week, Reagan and I learned about the letter A. I started by showing her how to draw a letter A on our chalkboard. She loves anything that has to do with the chalkboard so that was fun for her. After I showed her how to draw one, she worked on it herself. It was very hard for her to draw one as she is primarily used to coloring whatever in the world she wants – normally just scribbles – not necessarily lines with any intent. But I could see she liked trying and I encouraged whatever progress she made.

Then we did our A crafts and activities. I had pre-cut a tree with 6 little APPLES. I used double sided tape and let her stick the apples on the apple tree. This she really enjoyed and did well counting the apples. I also helped her trace the letter A on the paper.

I came up with this little craft/game on my own and used some printable ANIMALS off the internet. She had fun matching the Mommy and the Daddy animals and putting them on our “ARK” (a paper plate cut in half, colored brown, and stapled along the bottom). This will be a game we will continue to play over the next several months. She asked a lot of questions about the ark and I got the chance to tell her the story about how God loved Noah and his family and saved them and the animals on the ark. With all the rain we’ve had here lately, this story seemed to sort of make sense to her in an odd way.

Then we took some time to be silly and fly like AIRPLANES around the basement. She had a lot of fun with that!

I gave her animal crackers for her snack and we talked about all the people we knew whose names started with A.

Letter A was Awesome!

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