Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tot School - Letter B

This week we studied the letter B. First Reagan and I practiced drawing the letter B on her chalkboard. Then we did a fun craft of putting puff BALLS (Dollar Tree) on a letter B that I had cut out of BLUE paper. I gave her a set of BEACH themed stickers and we ended up with a nice little collage of our B lessons.

We also worked on a BIG and little worksheet. I was majorly impressed at her ability to figure this one out and she got some big praise from me for doing it so well.

A few days later we worked on a BEAR paperbag puppet kit my Mom bought for Reagan some time ago. This little craft required quite a bit of help, but the end product was cute and fun. These kits are really nice and easy because they come with everything you need. All the pieces come with adhesive strips so you don’t even have to supply your own glue. We had fun with this.

We also did a BIRDS on a BRANCH craft I found online. I was so thrilled to see that Reagan colored with some intention – making real effort to stay in the lines. This was a good exercise in listening to instructions, too, because certain shapes had to be colored certain colors. The coloring was the easy part. The assembly was mostly up to me. But it was a fun thing for us to do together.

I have printed off and assembled a lot of lap book file folder games. One of them is apple sequencing. I intended to introduce it to Reagan last week when we were learning about A, but we ran out of time so I just did it this week. It worked well with letter B because I explained to her to put the apples in order from littlest to BIGGEST. She figured this out quickly and did it several more times without me asking. I really liked seeing her embrace a learning activity all on her own.

B was the BEST!

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