Monday, July 12, 2010

Second Week of July (Summer Activities List)

This was not my most stellar week in the parenting department...or really even the decent human being department...so my blog has been severly neglected because most people probably do not want to know/see/experience the complete putzy person I have been. That said, I still managed to do a few things off the summer activities list.

This week:
- we went to the library
- we completed our stay at my parents' farm
- we did a craft (a cool birthday card for Brian for his birthday) and Reagan drew him a special rainbow
- had a family night on Saturday to celebrate Brian's birthday with a cake which Reagan helped me make and decorate
- went to the park when possible - often first thing in the morning

I don't know what my deal was this past week...but I have not been myself at all. I'll be the first to admit I was not altogether very pleasant. And lest we get too much of the TMI, no THAT is not why I've been in a funk. I have no excuses or reasons...but I'm beginning to feel more like myself.

Sunday (the 11th) was a really very nice day. I had praise team which went very well. We had some incredible special music and a great message. Reagan sat well during church (both services!). We played Candy Land together as a family. Everyone took a really great nap in the afternoon. The evening service was good and Maddie handled the nursery MUCH better than she did in the morning. Reagan got to play outside on the church playground equipment as her reward for doing well in church. The girls had a little trouble falling asleep so I went in, piled them both in my lap, rocked and sang to them, and then we tucked them back in and they both drifted right off. That made me feel like a bit of a rockstar. Anyway, Sunday was just what I needed to get a little recharged. So hopefully that means the rest of the week will be good, too.

I'm already contemplating a picnic in our backyard for lunch :)

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