Monday, July 05, 2010

First Week of July (Summer Activities List)

Whew! I've been M.I.A. due to some holiday traveling. We spent the Fourth of July weekend at my parents' farm. And I am suspicious but I think my Mom may have read my Summer Activities List and made efforts to help me complete as many of the items as possible. We. Were. Busy! But it was great fun.

This week we:
- went to the library
- went swimming
- flew a kite
- spent time at my parents' farm
- roasted marshmallows and made smores
- played with sidewalk chalk
- went to the park a few times
- blew bubbles outside

Now, you will note that we missed our "watch fireworks on the Fourth of July" because they were rained out. And unfortunately we won't be around for their rescheduled show :( So no fireworks for us yet again! We did play with sparklers though and that was fun. Reagan almost got burned as she touched the burnt out sparkler a little too soon. It was still hot but it didn't actually burn her hand so all was well.

Items yet to be completed:
- go to the beach
- meet friends at the park whenever possible
- go to at least one parade
- go to the zoo
- catch fireflies (or lightning bugs as we called them)

The list is dwindling!

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