Friday, May 28, 2010

Pictures which have nothing to do with one another

The other day it got too quiet in the kitchen. This is never good and it happens a lot. We have this kitchen cabinet/drawer refinishing remodeling project. Hubby had taken out all of the drawers to sand outside. And this is what I found in the kitchen.

Don't you just HATE when that happens to you!?

And it's especially annoying when the person who is supposed to rescue you comes with a camera and is just standing there clicking away and very much NOT HELPING YOU OUT!

You might be forced to just chew and gnaw your way to freedom.

I went to a few garage sales and got all you see here for $35. Ridiculous!
Winter coat for Reagan = $2
New black shoes for Hubby = $1.50
Pretty fancy plate = $.50
Somewhere around 7 pairs of pants for Reagan = $9
Winter jammies for Reagan (2 ADORABLE pairs) = $3.00
Snow boots for Reagan = $1.50
Two work shirts for Hubby = $2
New coloring books = $.25 each
Baby doll carseat for Reagan (she ADORES this thing!) = $1.50
So many other nice things too! I love garage sale season!!!

I also love these gorgeous flowers which have been gracing my kitchen table for the past week. I may have said something in the past about not really caring for fresh flowers all that much. I would now like to recant all of said testimony. I LOVE seeing these gorgeous blooms and they have brought me so much joy this past week. They actually grow in our front yard so several times I have gone out and just snipped off a few fresh ones. Why I haven't been doing this EVERY year I just do not know.

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Stephanie said...

Peonies girlfriend!! Those look like peonies :) Which are a wonderful treat to have in your yard, enjoy those blooms!! Unfortunately, their season isn't a very long one, but they are spectacular in the mean time! And love Maddie in the cupboards, "stuck"! Oh the simple joys of life...