Sunday, March 14, 2010

This weekend...

I got my haircut even though I am growing it out. To my husband, this makes no sense. But the tidying-up made me feel a lot better :)

I got to drive by myself for 55 minutes and it was bliss. I drove a LOT when I was in high school (my high school was 40 miles from my house) and sometimes I desperately miss those commutes.

I cleaned my house.

I thinned out my closet.

I took a long nap on Saturday afternoon. Fabulous!

I went with Hubby and the girls to meet our good friends at McDonalds. Reagan got her first official Happy Meal. She was excited. Then we all went to the Fun Factory. At first Reagan was overwelmed, but after a while she got used to it and had a blast going down the slide.

I discovered that the only thing that will mess with your sleep schedule more than daylight savings time (gr!) is a malfunctioning furnace (double gr!). Fortunately, after a few hours, my Hubby got it working well enough we could at least sleep without worry about our children waking up with icicles on their noses. Its running just fine again today after he worked with it some more. Yay for Hubby!

Reagan told me her favorite color is sunshine. I couldn't agree more.

Reagan was SUPER disappointed that there was no Kids of the Kingdom at church today. Consequently, she did not sit very well at all. It was even worse at the evening service.

My parents visited us this afternoon. They are completely smitten with their grandkids! :)

I ate another piece of the cheesecake. And Reagan ate Brian's piece.

It was a good one.

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Dale Deur said...

Sure, Jean, getting a haircut when you're growing it out makes perfect sense...right.
Excellent new look to the page, BTW. And, great pics.