Friday, March 26, 2010

Okay fine. I'll write something.

Last week it occurred to me that Easter was right around the corner. Did you know this? Now you do. You're welcome. I may have been vaguely aware as I helped plan the Easter service. But what I was forgetting was basically the most important job I have as a mom of two young girls who attend worship services. Easter. Dresses. Last year, I bought one for Reagan on clearance (which is, incidentally, my favorite way to shop). But last year at this time I did not know Maddie would be Maddie so no matching dress for little sister was purchased. But fortunately, my sister-in-law gave me the most adorable dress when Maddie was born (size 12 months, praise the LORD!). So the two little ones had new duds for Easter. I, however, did not. And I wanted one. Lying in bed approximately 7 days ago I decided I wanted a red, short-sleeved, wrap-style dress. Nothing expensive. Very comfortable and easy to wear. Nothing too low-cut. Easily washable. Etc. Not that I was picky. Not at all. I went online and found two red short-sleeved wrap-style dresses for reasonable prices. Target and JCPenney won my internet business. Yes, I bought both. In short, the JCPenney dress was a big disappointment in the most wonderful way. People, it was too big. I may have danced on the dress. But no, it was not going to work. Today my Target dress came and it won my heart. Yes it did. It is exactly what I had pictured for an even better price than I could have asked. And now you have read more about my pursuit of the perfect Easter ensemble than you thought humanly possible. You're welcome.

Reagan told me today that her favorite color was chocolate and I laughed so hard I messed up the note I was writing.

My Mom - she's in Southeast Asia. I can hardly believe that. I'm pretty sure she hasn't stopped hugging my brother since she got there. Which is good - cause we sent a LOT of hugs along! There are times when I can almost half-forget that Tom and Angie are so far away. But then when I know she is there seeing them and hugging them and laughing at Tom's jokes, well, I'm so ferociously jealous. I do miss them. Horribly.

Tomorrow we are going to the Easter Egg Hunt. Reagan is a wee bit jazzed. I am too. What can I say? I love candy. Seriously, I do.

Earlier this week we were playing outside on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and Reagan drew an AWESOME picture of "Barney." I mean, everything up until that point had been scribbles and rainbows. But this creature had arms and legs and a head! I was ecstatic. She continued to do it inside with her markers. It is RIDICULOUS how proud I am/was of her!

I went to a kid's consignment sale today and I was so impressed. I had been there before but never with kids in tow. I'm a big chicken when it comes to going anywhere with both girls by myself. Stupid, I know. But today I just decided I could make it happen. And what a joy it was. I walked in the door and one of the ladies staffing the event (held at a local church) offered to hold Maddie while I shopped. We tried it and poor Maddie hyperventilated so she instead carried around my purchases. Then another gal (a friend from Coffee Break) asked Reagan if she would like to watch a movie just off to the side. So I had the greatest consignment shopping experience of my life. There was even a whole tray of cookies by the door to reward Reagan for her awesome behavior when we were done. It was SO well done. I got some good deals too.

In case anybody wants to know, I think I may officially win the bracket contest I have with my husband. I am currently winning. Very much winning.

I LOVE that my daughter can sing all of the Jesus Culture songs. LOVE it.

Blogger thinks I should capitalize the word "internet." I respectfully disagree.

All of that randomness and I feel like I am forgetting to tell you something. The importance of that something has just positively lost all credibility whatsoever.


Stephanie said...

You make me laugh! And realize that I have some work to do this week!! Easter dresses for me and Ava, Easter basket shopping, and a million other things too! Hope you have a great week Jean! Blessings!

shartson said...

Ohhh.....a red dress! :) Cannot wait to see the red dress. I always think red clothing clashes with my hair, therefore, I rarely wear red. I just got some fun activities to do with the kids this week. But, I only found out about them yesterday. I have some work cut out for me. Let's see if I can stay on task!