Thursday, March 04, 2010

[Insert Creative Title Here]

Its been one of those days...already. And I'm not feeling horribly creative so I'm just going to attempt to put you to sleep with random boring details of our lives here lately. As if my previous list wasn't doing a good enough job at that...

Yesterday I was talking to a friend when I noticed my voice sounded "off". I mean, honestly, who can actually hear that, right? But it was so "off" that I actually noticed. It was just so...nasal. So then yesterday afternoon when I started randomly coughing for no apparent reason, it became clear to me that I had probably finally caught the cold the girls had last week. I am so thankful that this is such a mild cold and that I don't feel nearly as miserable as I was afraid I would. Yay! Sort of.

Madison has been sleeping really well since she got her last tooth in. What I mean by that is we no longer have to feed her if she wakes up and if she does wake up she doesn't do that annoying 2 hour playtime thing anymore. But for the most part, she has been sleeping all the way from 7:30 to about 6:00. Its that 6:00 that gets me. And I am NOT COMPLAINING, but it doesn't matter how early I go to bed - that 6:00 wake up call is always too early for me. But the real bummer is that it wakes up poor Reagan at 6:00. She, much like me, is not ready to get up at 6:00. However, we differ in that she "deals with" her tiredness by having accidents, crying over the raisins in her cereal, and taking toys away from Madison. Me, I just make extra coffee.

I was relieved to find that our new JesusCulture CD/DVD was just what she needed to snap out of her exhaustion. She just laid down on the couch and watched it in silence. Just the break I needed!

Now, the one person who seems to be totally unaffected by the 6:00 wake up time is Madison. That little girl is ridiculously happy lately. She literally giggles and squeals for joy when I pick her up and carry her here there and everywhere. Every time she sees Reagan she laughs. Every time I smile at her she smiles and waves at me. Every time I talk to her she giggles. I mean, wow. She not only wakes up early, but she's happy.

I don't know if its this cold or what but I'm just feeling "off" in general. I had a worship service that had some rough spots on Sunday. I have been falling way behind in my various classes and studies. I have been busy but have nothing to show for it. I snap when I don't have a reason to snap. I'm just off. But this morning I bought tickets to Hillsong United and that was a sweet bright spot in my day. And often having something like that to look forward to is good for me. Maybe it will even inspire me to write something other than the most boring set of paragraphs you've ever read.

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Dale Deur said...

Jean - of all the words that may describe you, "boring" would not be among them.