Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Thanks (begrudgingly)

Fine. I'll admit it. Jillian Michaels made my friggin day. Good grief. It hurt to type that sentence. No really. It did.

Aside from the pain (oh. the. pain.), she is actually whipping my butt into shape. Literally. Sort of.

I hesitate to write this post here because people who actually both read and see me on a regular basis (you dear souls) will probably give me the once over next time they see me and wonder what I have been smoking.

I've lost weight.

See, I knew that. I've seen the little nasty needle on the scale slowly slipping in the other direction and that caused me some hope. But I didn't see anything visible in the mirror. That could be because the image of what I hoped to see may or may not have been highly unrealistic. Who knows. At any rate, I didn't see a lot of change.

Again, asdie from the pain (ow), I have felt remarkably better as well. I have never been and probably never will be a runner. Even in high school track, my coaches left me to do the sprints. It was better that way. I pretty much sound like I am in cardiac arrest whenever I run - there's wheezing and gasping and well, its just not that pretty. So running was out. But that's okay really because I live in the land of the perpetually frozen tundra so unless I have a burning desire to go out and run on icy sidewalks or side streets...I have no need of finishing this sentence.

The 30 Day Shred was my weapon of choice. And though I would NOT describe myself as shredded, I would say that I am substantially stronger than I was PRE-shred. I've missed 2 days in 3 1/2 weeks. I am nothing if I am not stubborn. Do not confuse this with nice words like "committed" or "determined". Stubborn. Fits my perfectly (so says my husband).

This morning, I decided to try on my favorite pair of the jeans. The ones that did not fit post-holidays. I mean, I could zip them up...but I really shouldn't have. You know what I mean. But today...TODAY people, TODAY IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE AND I SHALL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT. Yes, today they zipped up easily and they were comfortable. Its a label I wish I could apply to more of my clothes that do not also fall into exercise or loungewear categories (yoga pants, this means you).

Just to be clear, we are not talking about many many many pounds. There are no Biggest Loser weight loss moments happening in my bathroom. If I stand on the scale just right (whilst leaning on the bathroom sink - haha), it says I've lost 10 pounds. Again, not noticeable unless you saw me when I zipped the jeans that should not have been zipped. And trust me, no one saw that or I would have gone into hiding.

Okay, fine Jillian. You are wicked and I may tell you that every single evening (coughseveraltimescough), but its working. So for now, I'll continue cursing at you under my breath as you shout at me about not quitting and realizing my full potential and feeling it burn. Thanks for your insane little workout video and all your torturous demands. My body often hates you for it, but my jeans love you.

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