Sunday, February 07, 2010


We were able to go out on a date Friday night, thanks to my Mom who made the trip down through a little bit of snow to watch the girls. Brian and I went to the "new" Applebees in town and honestly, it was a little surreal. I mean (a) we were eating in a restaurant, (b) we stuffed only our own faces and were not responsible for shoveling mouthfuls into small persons sitting next to us, (c) there was conversation, and (d) I did not one single time have to remind my dinner companion to "keep eating" or threaten him with no dessert.

And have dessert, we did. Oh it was good. This is how I celebrate losing weight. If there is a chocolate chip ice cream sundae diet in this world, you can bet I will be its biggest fan.

Saturday Mom hung around for a while and I was able to get a few things finished and take Reagan to the library. I'm learning quite quickly that renting kids movies from the library is a serious mistake. See the girl got all jazzed about the Barney dvd and The Little Mermaid dvd and she was having no part of me trying to explain to her hours later why she couldn't watch them. Explanations like "its broken" and "it doesn't work" were simply not acceptable to her.

Brian went to the farm Saturday afternoon and I attempted to take a nap. But neither of my children thought that was a good idea so they made that as impossible as possible. Of course.

This morning I was on praise team. Can I just tell you for the millionth time how much I just love my church? I do. Our pastors are such tremendous blessings to us. And my fellow praise team members did a fabulous job of preparing and leading. I'm so blessed to be a part of it.

And now the weekend is winding down. With rumors of snow headed our way tomorrow I'm looking forward to a hopefully quiet little day with the girls. Reagan just handed me my tennis shoes and asked me for a pair of scissors. This can't be good. Yes, a quiet day tomorrow sounds lovely. Impossible...but lovely.

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