Friday, February 19, 2010

On Life and Victory

Evidently, I am a bit of a "crazy fanatic" when it comes to the Olympics. You can bet I watch every last bit of Olympic coverage at my disposal (at least until 11:00 p.m.). But beyond that, I have been known to get a little bit "excited" about it. Basically, I have near panic attack inducing moments while watching the likes of Evan Lycacek, Shaun White (he rocks), Apolo Ohno, Lindsay Vohn, and many many more.

It makes sense - this love for the Olympics. You see, 30 years ago (oy), I was born during the Olympics. My Dad was captivated by some exciting event on the t.v. screen much to the annoyance of my Mom. Of course, days later the only thing on their minds was me - being airlifted from hospital to hospital with a serious infection which was causing me to have seizures. My first bed was not the sweet little crib they had prepared, but an isolette in a NICU. As the Olympics went on, they watched an unexpected battle for life.

But He healed me. He gave me doctors who knew how to treat me. He allowed medicines to fight the infection. He protected me from being permanently disabled. He fought the battle for me. And I imagine my parents would be no more joyful if I had won a gold medal than they were on the day they brought me home. Mixed in with the fear and worry and exhaustion, I'm sure there was a sense of victory.

And as I fell asleep last night, thinking of how exciting it is to watch someone win a gold medal - as I reflected on Evan Lycacek throwing his arms over his head and how I nearly jumped off the couch (nearly) when the final results came in, I smiled to think of victory. We LIVE in victory every single day. Not just that we are alive, that is a miracle in and of itself, but that we have LIFE. Do we live victoriously? No, not always. But the joy and relief and the thrill is that we can. This is our training, our practice, our lead-up to the big event. Knowing that we'll surely win, well, it makes living victoriously all the more triumphant.

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