Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love is in the Air

At our house, love is literally in the air. Reagan and I did a craft earlier this week which she LOVED (thanks to Sherri for the awesome idea). I loved it for three reasons (1) she was busy for over an hour (2) the results were beautiful and (3) she loved it.

We made hanging hearts:

Today our Coffee Break was cancelled so I decided to break out another craft - homemade Valentine's Day cards. I tried to make this as simple and free-spirited as possible so that Reagan could just create to her little heart's desire. She did really well and made many cards.

She colored on the inside and I was impressed with how her coloring skills are progressing. At least we are making an attempt to color the object on the paper and not just randomly scribbling all over the paper!

And then I had my moment of the week. We were on the last card so I asked Reagan for whom she wanted to make the last one. She said, "FOR MOMMY!" I am a mom to two very small children. I'm used to not getting gifts from my kids on holidays because they are so young. Its not a big deal. You can only imagine how touched I was by her thoughtfulness. You can bet I will hold onto this card for the rest of my life.


Sherri said...

Your a good mom!
Love all the fun crafts!

Miz Jean said...

Ah, thanks Sherri! We are in a crafty mood lately - its fun. You're giving me some great ideas!