Monday, January 11, 2010

When and how

It hits me every once in a while - my children are growing up. Though Madison's sleeplessness last night brought back some fond memories of 5 months ago. Yuck. I digress. But yesterday was quite a day for my daughters.

It all started on Saturday when we tried some new potty training techniques with Reagan. I'm not going to go into great detail here because who wants that kind of information about themselves on display to the world wide web? But let's just suffice it to say, after a messy day, I really felt that it had been a big fat failure.

Sunday morning we wake up and go to church where Reagan attended her first Kids of the Kingdom - our church's version of "children's church". I was the helper that morning so I was able to be there and watch her and make her a little more comfortable. When my helping time was up I snuck out the door without her noticing me. And then the three of us went home. Nothing has ever felt weirder in my life. I nearly booted Hubby out the door to go get her just as soon as possible. Again, the downside of being a stay at home mom for me is that if my kids are not exactly where I am I am a nervous wreck. Again, digressing. Hubby and Reagan came home and she was as happy as a clam. Apparently it all went very well. And I was greatly relieved to have her home.

Which is precisely when she decided that she was done being a little girl and asked her Daddy if she could please go use the potty. We were thrilled with the mere request...so you can imagine the celebrations that happened in our house when she had successful trips all day long. Still really jazzed about it. And the best part is how proud and excited SHE is about it! :) We finally feel like we are making some HUGE progress on the potty training front!

So all that was a lot to take in. But as we sit there celebrating, Madison crawls over to the coffee table and pulls herself up and stands there looking at us. Oh, well, isn't that weird! Hmmm...must have been a fluke. She noted our doubting faces, dropped to her bottom, crawled over to the recliner, pulled herself up and yelled at me and then bit my sock-footed self. Also, when she crawls she can go right to a sitting position on her own.

We don't really know what has happened here. Perhaps being stuck inside the house for a whole week inspired my children to liven things up for us. Madison's attempts at a party at 1 AM were not appreciated, but aside from that, we are just a little bit in shock. All of it is wonderful and exciting and great. But at the same time, I'm a little freaked out by how quickly they are growing up. So today I'm trying to soak it all up a little more. The time is going so fast. I know there are more firsts coming our way and I want to be happy about them and not sad for the time that I didn't appreciate.

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Dale Deur said...

Thank you for your restraint in sharing potty training details. And, congrats to Reagan on her big tep on Sunday! I did notice that I only greeted Daddy & (sleeping peacefully) Madison after church...