Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Great Day

- Accidentally slept in until 7:15 AM (sleeping in as a parent of two young children is now considered a luxury and not a tragedy)

- Had coffee with my Bible study girls.

- Did some preliminary Christmas shopping.

- Came home and helped Reagan do a craft for advent - a wreath.

- Hung my wreath on the front door. Fluffed it up a bit and it looks FABULOUS.

- Had a leisurely lunch wherein I listened to a 3 year old exclaim that the spaghetti-os with meatballs were "great!"

- Set up my Christmas tree and other decorations.

- Got to show Reagan all the Christmas decorations and her expression was "Oh! Whoa!" Love that!

- Helped Reagan hang some of the fun ornaments on the tree.

- Went on a bit of a spree and cleaned out all that clothes that fit two kids ago. If it ever fits again, it will be awfully out of style. Good riddance.

- Went to McDonalds to get supper - yay for not having to cook!

- Took Reagan to see the Christmas light display just outside of town. She LOVED it! She even thought the lights were candy.

- Gave the little ones some baths and washed all the snot from their poor cold-ridden faces.

- Two kids in bed by 8:30.

- Curled up in a chair with a blanket and a good book.

- Enjoyed a glass (or two) of wine. My first in well over a year.

Those are the "tangibles".

Basically, I had a fabulous day with my family. It was a joy just to be inside these four walls with them. I'm not sure I could have had a better day.

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