Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blubbering Mess

Perhaps its the sleep deprivation, perhaps its the dreary weather, perhaps its the slow decline in nursing Madison...who knows.

But last night, this thing happened. This seemingly normal little thing and I got all choked up and blubbery about it.

It was Reagan's bedtime and as instructed, she ran over to give me a hug and a kiss. Then she collapsed in the clumsy floppy way that almost-3-year-olds do on the floor next to Madison who was sitting on a blanket playing with some toys. Reagan wrapped her little arm around Madison's back, leaned over and proceeded to shower that little baby with kisses all over her soft fuzzy head. She was so gentle with her and Madison just stopped what she was doing and looked up at Reagan and smiled. Then Reagan got up and ran off, but stopped in the hallway, turned around and raced back for one more kiss, and then another.

And I was sitting there watching it all with a softball-sized lump in my throat.

I was so worried. Do you remember? I was so worried that this whole NEW PERSON IN THE FAMILY event would be hard and there would be hard feelings or not enough love to go around. And it never occurred to me that Reagan would adapt better than the rest of us.

Yeah, the nights are long here. I've been a first class complainer about my lack of sleep. Ask me about it when you see me and I will give you the world's most boring run down of how many hours of sleep I've gotten in the past 3 nights. Really, you guys are awfully good sports for putting up with my whining.

You see, what's really been happening in this house is an awesome little friendship is forming between two tiny girls who wear the title "sister" with an ease far beyond my expectation. There are a hundred more little examples of how Reagan loves Madison or how Madison adores Reagan. I could go on for hours. I won't.

But those few minutes where Reagan was stalling for bedtime by giving numerous kisses to her little sister, well, that's a perfect little snapshot of the fun of having these two little girls. That she chose to stall her bedtime by loving on her sister is worth every lump I had to swallow and every tear I blinked back as I giggled.

Beyond the bleary-eyed mornings, there's joy here, too.

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Anonymous said...

They really do love each other. I was also thinking it would be hard for Reagan to adjust, but I have never seen any jealousy exhibited between the two. Now you and Tom on the other hand...