Friday, October 30, 2009


I am exceedingly proud of these two little ones. Not because I did anything spectacular or out of the ordinary. Just because I think they are wonderful gifts from God.

Getting a picture of both of them looking at me was nearly impossible.

Okay, it was impossible.

So I let the distracted one go her way and captured this little cutie giving me some good grins.

Reagan and I went outside to play in the leaves a few days ago - before the floods came.

She was very fascinated by this awesome cicada skin mommy pulled off the tree for her.

But I'm proud of this guy, too. He works hard to provide for us and frequently goes to get groceries for me. Today, he got some really amazing deals. Does he look proud too?

All of this for $12. He says they paid him to take the 6 boxes of cereal out of the store.

Good deals make us all happy.

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