Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Playroom

In our basement, we have this nifty little space just off of the "den" (our second living room since our first and most used living room is upstairs). For a long time, it housed only the piano. But several months ago I converted it to a playroom for the girls. Reagan LOVES it down here and this is the site of many tea parties.

This is what it looks like right now - and pretty much every day.

Now toys are pretty much decoration in and of themselves. But I wanted something more. And maybe something semi-educational or purposeful. I considered buying flashcards or preschool posters or something of that sort. But just after Madison was born, I took on the project of creating my own wall art for the playroom. Things I knew Reagan would understand. I sketched and drew and colored all of these myself - this is not computer-generated material my friends. No, I do things the hard way.

First I did the numbers 1-10.

Then I did the colors.

Then I took on the alphabet. This took a lot of time. A lot. Many evenings. But it is definitely paying off.

And lastly I created a small space for Reagan's very own precious creations.

There's also a special space for her awesome Little Lambs projects. They are studying creation :)

Today we did another little project: a prayer lantern. Reagan did all the coloring and sticker work. I helped her with the scissors...oh so carefully. Then we wrote Tom and Angie's name on it and I attached some ribbon. This is a Chinese lantern. I learned on Barney (shut up) how to do this and that they are typically red. I named it a prayer lantern and I told Reagan that every time we look at it we can remember to pray for Tom and Angie. She was really excited about that!

Since we spend so much time here each day, its nice to have it be bright and cheerful and full of things aimed at toddlers. Its also neat to have that little reminder to pray for our beloved Tom and Angie - far away in Southeast Asia.


Stephanie said...

Love this Jean! I especially love that you did it yourself! What a darling place for your girls to play...in my dreams we have a playroom too!

Miz Jean said...

Thanks Steph! I'm sure your playroom would be just AWESOME!!!

Laura K. said...

Jeaner, I'm SO impressed! I'd like to order a set of those wall art pictures, please. So get those crayons back out, girl! :)