Thursday, October 15, 2009

Occupying space in my mind

This is what is taking up all the space in my brain these days:

My husband is a genius. He solved Madison's sleep issues by swaddling her one night. She has slept really well for 4 nights since.

Reagan hit a wall yesterday at Little Lambs. Literally. Poor thing has a big purple bruise on her sweet little cheek. I consider this my fault since I forgot her hair clip and I think her vision was impaired.

Chocolate muffins, a cup of coffee, and some Hillsong just might be the perfect mid-morning recovery for a person with a slight cold.

I got a batch of pictures from shutterfly recently (gearing up for that November scrapbooking workshop!). The UPS package was badly badly badly damaged. I mean, they very well could have dropped it on the floor and driven a truck over it. There were holes...some of them they had attempted to tape over. Some of them they did not. The 8x10 I had ordered was pretty crinkled. Hopefully, the process of getting them to replace it (free of charge) will not be too painful.

I am out of double-sided tape and I feel almost crippled by that.

Madison is wearing an outfit I do not love...but it fits her. So we're using it on a day when I hope no one else will see her and think "Poor girl...look what her mother made her wear." I'm not a fashion snob...this just isn't my thing.

Reagan got put in timeout for lying to me this morning at 8 AM. Not the start I was hoping for. I want to start using some of the techniques/skills I have been learning in my parenting class...but that is going to take a couple discussions with Hubby so that we are on the same page. We need to have a plan.

I have been having some really bad dreams lately. Like every night. Occassionally its just violent. Those are good nights. The bad nights are the ones where I dream about someone I love dying. Those are very very bad nights. I don't know what is prompting this dream problem. I'm a little bewildered by it.

I feel like I am having trouble remembering to do things and leaving things undone. Or worse - not done well. This frustrates me quite a bit.

Also frustrating me is this transition of slowly stopping nursing Madison. Its so tempting to just go cold turkey, but I know that isn't the best idea either.

I think Madison is really sick of lying on the floor to play with her toys. She HATES lying on her back so she flips over in seconds. Then she tries to crawl but doesn't lift her head up so she just rubs her head on the floor while she pushes with her legs. Then she gets mad. Who wouldn't? The only alternative is to carry her around and that hurts the back after a while!

I am wondering why it feels like I am doing devotions out of sheer determination rather than eager joy. Lately is a grit your teeth and hang on thing.

I wish I could say after writing all that stuff down that I have now freed up my mind to dwell on other things...dare I say, holier things. But it doesn't work that way. For now, I'll just have to quiet them as much as possible so I can focus on what is at hand. A little one waking from her nap. Sesame Street is almost done. Time to go make the bed and warm up a bottle.

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