Thursday, September 10, 2009


This weekend we have no real plans, but that's a good thing. I might hit a garage sale or two if the mood strikes. I might make a nifty breakfast on Sunday morning. We may brave the great outdoors and actually go to the park as a family. Its good not to have plans - especially when you have very small children.

Madison rolls over now. I've not actually seen this happen, but I have evidenced her in positions other than how I left her so I am assuming she's rolling over now. Yes, both tummy to back and back to tummy. You'd think a "good mom" would rejoice at this milestone. Me, I just sigh because I fear she will do this in bed and boy howdy will that make bedtimes and naptimes a challenge. We haven't really nailed down those great afternoon naps yet. Getting there. But still on the journey. I'm hoping this doesn't adversely affect those the way I fear it will.

Last night we had our church Fall Fellowship Dinner. Our church GRACIOUSLY provided nursey for families like ours. We were so glad they did that! Made life much easier for us! The food was wonderful. Brian and I enjoyed a meal and conversations with ADULTS while our girls got to play downstairs in the nursery. So nice. Then we had a program with various talents of our church members on display. I sang in an accoustic set. I LOVE accoustic sets! It went very well. I've really missed singing these past few months. I took a bit of a break after Madison was born. And that was good and appropriate. I am glad I did. But I am ready to get back at it!

Also, last night I was tempted to tell the fine people at my church my best mouse story. Anyone who has grown up in the country has a "mouse story". Mine, well, I don't mean to brag, but it is quite possibly the "best" mouse story you have ever heard. Have I mentioned it here before? I kept my mouth shut last night.

My allergies hit full force this past weekend. I'm a little bitter about it because I would really like to go outside and help Reagan with the bucket of sidewalk chalk I bought her last week. Those 52 pieces are not just going to decorate our driveway on their own. Its fun to color with Reagan out there because she either destroys whatever I draw by coloring on top of it (I don't mind) or colors one really LONG line and tells me its a snake. I also love watching her chase crickets and beetles across the driveway. I miss being outside. Not to mention it feels stupid to run our central air when its pretty nice out there...but it has to be done.

I realized last week on my once-a-month shopping trip that the stores were suspiciously out of all canned pumpkin. This is not cool when you were hoping to make a pumpkin bread. I heard a few days later that there is a "great pumpkin shortage" this year. So maybe I'll find a can of pumpkin in time to make my tasty bread for Easter. :P Rats.

Last week Friday we went on a big shopping trip to Des Moines for scrapbook paper. I may have also bought this for Madison:

And this for Reagan:

We will see if the coordination thing keeps happening in the future. That takes a lot of effort and is not as inexpensive as I want it to be.

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Mom V V said...

Oh, pumpken shortage, huh? I have been looking for a small can of pumpkin for months in several stores, but I could only find the huge cans. That would explain it. Maybe I better buy a big can and freeze part of it. Mom