Friday, August 14, 2009

Undone, Unsaid, Until later

I suspect this is something a lot of women do: make mental notes throughout their days of being a mom of all the things that they wish they had said or done or experienced before they had children.

I hesitate to post my list because I think some may get the wrong impression here. It isn't that I wish I was not a mother so I could do these things. No no. I am considering this my list of things to work on some other time - like when my kids are in high school and sleep most of the time that they are home :) Also, I kinda wish I could have read a list like this when I was newly married - just to see what others wish they had accomplished in that time.

* hosted more dinner parties - at least one of them being a fancy one - at my home

* offered to babysit for my friends who had kids

* bought and hung curtains on all my windows (we have blinds, but that finishing touch of curtains doesn't seem to happen around here)

* gone on one really great "romantic" trip with Brian

* read more books

* started taking guitar lessons earlier!

* gone on more outtings with my Mom and sister

* made lunch dates with my girlfriends

* learned how to embroider

* spent more time cultivating my relationship with God

* memorized more scripture

* experimented more with sewing

* learned how to quilt

* taken day trips to nearby towns

* turned off the t.v. more often

* refinished the antique desk from my grandparents

* bought patio furniture

* been more active and courageous in my cooking

* gone to more concerts

* bought the cute baby socks at Target way before we even started trying to have a baby

* bought a big set of bookshelves for my basement

* gone white water rafting

* gone on a serve trip

* volunteered more

* not wasted time being afraid of having children

Obviously, it isn't too late for some of those things. But for some of them, it is. And that's okay. I'm not hung up over it or anything. It makes me sad to think of my kids being all grown up and busy and ~gulp~ gone off to college. But when I think that there are some fun things that I will be able to do then, that helps a little bit. In the meantime, I'm enjoying a much much longer list of things I want to do with my kids! :) That one is a great deal more fun than this one!

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