Sunday, August 23, 2009

On a dessert flopping day

Yes, this afternoon I made a dessert. It was supposed to "firm up" in the fridge in about 15 minutes. After 90 minutes I gave up on the soupy stuff. But fortunately, it is still edible and fairly yummy. I may try to flop it again someday.

So Reagan does this nifty thing where she calls me "Jean" all day long. Pretty much every sentence out of her mouth manages to include my name. I drives this momma up-the-wall crazy. I mean, I like to think I worked pretty hard to earn my title. I'd really like her to use it. After a reminder she'll say "mommy" and smile that I'M TWO YEARS OLD smile. You know the one. The one that says, "Oh lookie there! I just got on her last nerve! That was awesome! I think I'll do that again!" Anyway...I'd like her to stop calling me by my first name. I initially taught her my name because I thought it would be good for her to know if she got lost at Walmart and someone asked her what her mommy's name was. So now she will be able to tell them what my name is, but when I go to pick her up she won't identify me as mommy and well...I'll be embarrased.

This weekend my parents came over for my Dad's birthday celebration. Reagan was really really really excited because we had birthday cake. Be still her little heart! We sang. We ate cake. Then we sat in the basement while Reagan most literally ran circles around us. We may have given her too much cake. But it brought much joy to her heart to play basketball with Grandpa and Amy. We really missed Tom and Angie, though.

Have I mentioned that my daughters are sleeping in till about 8:00 lately? They are. Its glorious. I love it. I sort of happened by fluke. We were in this whole uncomfortable rhythm of both of them waking at about 6:30, and then all of a sudden one day I got up and pumped (sorry, this is my blog and pumping is part of my life right now). Both still sleeping. So then I took a shower. Both still sleeping. So then I made coffee and ate breakfast. Both still sleeping. So then I had some devotions. Then they woke pleasantly and happily and we went on with our day. Words cannot really describe how wonderful it was. And then it happened again and again and again. For a week straight! I really don't know what "changed" but this may be the first time in my life I warmly embraced the word "change".

We've been trying to keep the windows open here as much as possible because its 72 degrees outside most of the day and my central air is working its tail off to keep it at 78. Hmmm...so yeah. I opened the windows. But this is risky business in my world. And tonight my eyes let me have it. Ouch. I am about as medicated as an allergy-prone person can be and its still getting to me.

This morning I read a piece I wrote in church. It went well. Brian warned me it might not be as easy as I thought it was going to be. He was right. But I made it. Its a little scary to read stuff I've written - I guess I haven't really done that before. But then again there was a time I was terrified to sing in front of church and suffice it to say times have changed. I really do love to write and I have been so encouraged and blessed by so many of you. What a gift your kinds words are to me. I'm glad you find something in my words that you like for one reason or another.

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