Saturday, January 17, 2009


Things it is too cold to do:

- shovel snow

- go anywhere except the absolutely necessary stops with a toddler

- walk from the car to a building approximately 25 feet away

- clear our roads of the layers and layers of cement-like ice coating nearly every square inch of pavement

- wear a thick-enough coat

- go without socks for more than the length of time it takes to walk from the shower to the sock drawer

- have your heat settings in your vehicle set anywhere other than AS-HOT-AS-THE-DIAL-GOES at a level other than GAIL-FORCE-WINDS

- have my personal heater under my desk at work not function and be ‘okay’ with it

- be unable to drink coffee...sigh

- leave a bottle of water in the car for any length of time - even if it is just a short ob checkup - lesson learned

- walk the half block to the coffee shop on the corner

- remember a time when the air outside did not threaten to instantaneously freeze your eyeballs in place

Things it is PERFECT weather for:

- snuggling on the couch with blankets

- cooking or baking for hours on end

- wear many many layers of clothes

- wear the thickest socks in your sock drawer

- experiment with ways to make the whole house smell of freshly baked chocolate goodies

- walk around the house enveloped in a blanket at all times

- organize a closet

- sleep in on a Saturday morning

- have big wonderful long family dinners

- seeing things outside sparkle in the sunshine

- planning ahead for scrapbooking workshops

- sending Hubby to the grocery store so I can stay home with PetePete

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