Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Good Times

So after long all our traveling is over, we are so glad to be home! It was wonderful to see our families - to spend time with them and to have them spoil us rotten. But it is also wonderful to come back home and get back into our "normal" swing of things.

Reagan traveled really well - better than me honestly. She whined a few times, which is probably about 30 times fewer than me! :) But she did really well in the car and actually slept quite well while we were gone. She also had the BEST time just chasing her little cousin all over the place. And those two KNOW how to hug - their hugs lasted several minutes. It was very sweet. I had a few more aches and pains that I anticipated from traveling while pregnant. But I'm happy to report that a few nights in my own bed were all I needed to be feeling back to myself again.

As you can see, yesterday we got to have our "big ultrasound". We did not find out the sex because we would like to be surprised. But we did have a wonderful time watching our little one stretch and move. We were really stunned by the clarity of the images. We actually spent several minutes watching the baby's lips open and close - even yawn. It was truly remarkable. We will get the official report in the next few weeks from our doctor, but by all appearances things seemed to be just a-ok!

Last night, Hubby and I sat in the basement and began the long process of assembling the play kitchen we got for Reagan for Christmas. She was actually with us when we bought it, and the box has been sitting in full view for many weeks, but it wasn't until yesterday that she actually stopped and looked at the box. I could tell she was wondering what was inside, so we figured it was probably time to let her play with her new toy! :) We read all the reviews so we knew we had some serious assembly time ahead of us. In two hours we got a fair amount done. But we have at least another 2 hours ahead of us yet. I'm a little unnerved by the LOW price we paid for it - $30 at Walmart. I mean, can that really last more than a few weeks? We obviously sacrificed on the cute factor as this one is not as adorable as the wooden ones I drooled over. But hopefully, Reagan will still have lots of fun with it and enjoy it. So far, the quality is good. We'll save our final judgment for the finished piece!

Other than that, life is going well for all of us. We are working with Reagan to get her into a more manageable bedtime routine. She has been off since early November. It is improving, but we have a ways to go yet. I am feeling good, and have found I have much more energy than even just a few weeks ago. Brian is glad to be home and puttering around on his projects once again.

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday, as well! Now for a blessed new year!

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