Monday, January 26, 2009

Good things

We have started sleep training (finally) and so far, it is going remarkably well. We aren’t “there” yet, but progress is being made! Last night, Reagan fell asleep in about 20 minutes on her own and slept through the night - waking up when we opened her door this morning.

Reagan has been healthy and happy all last week and this weekend!

I seriously do not know why its called “the terrible twos”. And I’m sure many of you think that means we’ll end up with “the terrible threes” instead. Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m really loving this age. Reagan is a whole heap of fun right now. We have actual conversations!

Last week Thursday was a gorgeous day, so Reagan and I bundled up and played outside for a while. We went on a little walk together - she actually walked with me and was not in a stroller. I had fun looking at her tiny footprints next to mine. She got really bothered by snow on our driveway. She leaned over a small sprinkling of snow that had fallen off her boots, said, “Uh oh! Messy messy!” and tried to wipe it off with her mittens. Adorable. Also, I sat in a snowbank and was unable to lift my pregnant self back out of it. I’m sure my neighbors had a good chuckle at the preggo lady rolling around in the snow.

I have no less than one day of work this week. I’m off Tuesday through Tuesday!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have all that time with Reagan!!

Last week I organized Reagan’s closet and our bathroom cabinet. Its ridiculous how satisfying that was.

I ordered a whole slew of pictures and am preparing to go to a scrapbooking workshop in a few weeks! Talk about something for me to look forward to!

My Hubby makes juice every single time the jug in the fridge gets empty. It’s a beautiful thing to wake up everyday and see that there is enough juice for Reagan and I for the day! He’s pretty thoughtful, that one!

That same thoughtful Hubby made a batch of chilli for us for supper tonight. Its simmering in a crock pot as we speak.

I had my worship small group meeting on Saturday. Its refreshing to talk to people with a similar passion for worship and who face some of the same challenges and experience some of the same joys.

We bought Reagan a “real” puzzle for Christmas - one with 12 interlocking pieces and not one of the piece here - piece there puzzles like she had before. She has mastered it and can do it completely on her own - which she will do for about 10-20 minutes at a time.

I’m teaching Reagan to say her full name. She thinks it is HILARIOUS when I say her full name. I think it is hilarious adorable when she says her full name.

Reagan is attempting to say her own prayers at mealtime. She can do it almost all on her own...but sometimes she gets lost and starts to whisper it. That’s just about enough to make this Mommy melt.

I am 6 months pregnant. We have no names picked out. We have some serious negotiations ahead of us! But those are fun things to talk about.

Reagan wore a ponytail to daycare today.

We had baby nursery duty on Sunday morning. It was remarkable to note how grown up Reagan seemed in the presence of those little ones! But I was also glad to see how gently and considerately she treated them - sometimes handing them a toy or a rattle.

Three people I have been praying for have recently experienced the mighty healing hand of God. Its wonderful to see him working to restore them to health again!

I managed to control myself and not eat the entire container of cookies on our counter in one weekend.

The 3 inches of snow we got this weekend were fluffy and thereby did not break Hubby’s back when he had to clear the driveway and sidewalk.

Its lunchtime - that’s always a good thing these days!

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