Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I am currently not able to "handle"...evidently

- seeing the inner workings of a toilet

- drinking water

- eating spaghetti

- eating stove top stuffing

- changing dirty diapers at certain times of the day

- graphic or bloddy anything on t.v.

- the bad smell coming from the refrigerator in our office (which no one else seems to notice)

- coughing or sneezing

- cleaning the bathroom

- ironing

- keeping my legs warm (odd, I know)

- sleeping soundly past 5 AM

- writing my Christmas newsletter or having ANYTHING planned for our Christmas cards

- little (easily ignorable) annoyances of any kind whatsoever

- eating rewarmed chicken

- prenatal vitamins (do not fret, I'm taking other doctor approved vitamins)

- avoiding lunch meat

- reading a book to Reagan without yawning mid-sentence every other page

- blogging about anything even remotely interesting

Sadly, the list grows every day. And though its all for a very good cause, learning my limitations has, at times, been highly unpleasant. At any rate, please be advised that my normal behaviors will return sometime this summer. I appreciate your continued patience.


Dale Deur said...

So, I also am unable to sleep soundly past 5AM; however, I believe the reason for this is not the same as yours. Welcome to "first thing in the morning".

all up in each others bizness said...

i have a longer list then you and my uterus is empty,lol