Monday, November 03, 2008

Its a good morning for randomness

1. Reagan has been systematically destroying all of her pacifiers by biting through them. So she is now down to two that she hates. Thus begins the great journey in weaning her from her “pipes” (which she only gets at night). Night #1 was a disaster. Night #2 was a huge success.

2. Yesterday, my Hubby made chilli which is cooking in the crockpot for supper tonight. Do you know what a lifesaver this is for me?

3. We were in the nursery last night at church and got to watch our daughter play amongst the other children. It was absolutely fascinating. And also, hilarious. Ours was the kid with the giant bucket on her head running into walls.

4. Teething blows.

5. Nice weather rocks.

6. I’m starting to feel a lot better morning sickness wise. Which is good and bad. Because one minute we are driving to church and I’m freaking out that I have felt great all morning and the next minute we are sitting in the pew and I am literally gagging for no apparent reason. Its good to feel great, but when nausea is a sign of life...

7. I saw a tiny brand new little baby on Sunday and my head spun a little bit.

8. Tomorrow I vote. And I will do a dance of joy when I can actually watch a cereal commercial or a drug commercial or a toy commercial on t.v. again.

9. This whole daylight savings time is a bunch of nonsense. I’m guessing most people don’t even know why it exists in the first place. Also, people with young children do not get the promised “extra” hour of sleep. Evidently, two year olds cannot tell time.

10. Reagan can count to eight. By herself. I am flabbergasted by that.

11. Pregnancy has, once again, lashed out at my skin. I apologize if my appearance scares you. It really isn’t pretty, but I can’t do much about it.

12. I am in desperate need of a pedicure.

13. Reagan was trying to say “Angie” this morning, but all that she got was “Gigi” - which I thought was adorable. What do you think Aunt Gigi?

14. The most humorous part of my day is still when Daddy helps Reagan brush her teeth. Oh my. There’s screaming, all out sprinting, hollering. And a lot of giggling.

15. I was bummed that last nights Amazing Race was a non-elimination leg. Bahumbug.

16. Hubby had to step out of church for a few minutes on Sunday because a ladybug dive-bombed him and went down his shirt. I handled the whole situation gracefully by laughing out loud at an inappropriate moment.

17. I am fighting the urge to get out my Christmas tree and decorations.

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Shell said...

I decorated partly for Christmas this afternoon..I say the more time, the merrier!