Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Reagan has just not been herself lately. We've struggled with a cold/cough as a family and she didn't seem to be getting over it as quickly as we were. But then I'm not sure she still had a cold/cough or if it was teething or if it was an ear infection or... Being a parent means a lot of questions you don't know how to answer. At any rate, she's been a lot of work. Especially for this expecting mom who hasn't been feeling very well. I'm not complaining, but the mere fact of the matter is that this time the nausea has hit me a lot harder than in previous pregnancies. Its a great sign and a wonderful reassurance that I am sick. But its also exhausting. So yesterday, Reagan woke up from her nap and was very cranky and I just didn't know what to do with myself. And then this video came on t.v.


Be warned: you will probably cry.

Lord, I do not understand why little ones have to suffer. I do not understand your ways, but I know that they are higher. I do not even know how many days I have with my little ones. But Lord, I praise you. I praise you that you created them, that you gave them life, that they move and have beating hearts. I praise you that they are created in your image. And I'm sorry for all the times I have not been thankful. For all those days when I have complained about a cold, or a sickness, or a long day, Father forgive me. I am truly grateful for the wonderful blessings I have been given - all 3 of them. And I know that not a single one is outside your grasp. Thank you for reminding me that every single day should be celebrated. And that no matter what, your name is to be praised. Amen


Laura K. said...

yup, you're right, I'm tearing up. I have to remind myself of the blessing my son is sometimes too. I can get easily fed up and exhausted and frustrated... then something will (thankfully) take me back to realizing what a precious blessing he is and his health too. I cannot imagine going through what so many other parents experience, infertility, miscarriage, sick babies, hospitals, deaths, it's unreal. Can't take any of our days for granted, that is for sure!

Miz Jean said...

Isn't that a heartbreaker? Such a beautiful testimony, though! I was AMAZED to see this on Oprah.