Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dropping of Eaves

I love me some good eavesdropping. And I don’t really know if that’s an okay thing or a bad thing. My rule of thumb is if I am in reasonable earshot and its clear I can hear you, don’t say anything you wouldn’t want me to know. If it’s a private conversation you should have it in private. I’m not sneaky about my listening-in, so I have been known to tune in to the dialogues going on around me.

Whilst at a concert I may or may not have mentioned in great excruciating detail, I had plenty of opportunities to eavesdrop on conversations around me. But one, one in particular, just stuck to me like chewed gum. It wasn’t as much a conversation as it was a monologue.

Right in front of me sat this 40 something gentleman who appeared to be something of a youth group leader. A few young girls in his youth group were sitting next to him as we waited for the next act to take the stage. And here is what came out of his mouth:

“See, where would Jesus be? In our churches? Probably not. He’d be standing outside the strip club. Ya know? To witness and reach out to people.”

I managed not to laugh. You should be unbelievably impressed.

Same dude continues with his teaching:

“See, John Smith is a great guy. We just didn’t think he was a good enough Christian to be a deacon. I mean he was eating at the bar & grill. He said he had friends that waitressed there, but he doesn’t need to be eating at a bar & grill. So we told him to stop.”

So my good friends, the lesson for the day is this: its okay for Jesus to go to a strip club, but we should not be eating at Applebees.

Lessons. I learn them.


all up in each others bizness said...

what an ass

Miz Jean said...

At least he was entertaining! But yeah, not the coolest guy on the planet.

Stephanie said...

Ok, that was hilarious. You have to love that theology!

Miz Jean said...

Are you telling me this is not what your youth pastor hubby tells his youth group members??? Maybe he should. ;)

Dale Deur said...

So, I ate at Applebee's and now I'm an elder. So, apparently, Applebee's is a deacon disqualification yet not an elder disqualification.

Miz Jean said...

Dale, I am reporting you.