Monday, August 25, 2008


There really isn't a post I could write here that would effectively convey to you how awesome both services at my church were yesterday. Absolutely incredible. I am so blessed to be a part of that family of God. Wow.

You really should never utter the word "outside" around my daughter unless you are fully prepared to actually take her out there. Yourself. Similar rules apply to the word "snack". We spell things a lot now.

I am unbelievably stoked for this weekend wherein I will go to a two-day concert. This will be my 5th time hearing Mr. Jeremy Camp and my 1st time hearing Casting Crowns. Expect a full report next week sometime.

Oh how I love a good small group. I had two small group meetings on Saturday morning and had an absolute blast. They really lifted my spirits, each in their own unique and important way. What a blessing.

I am really glad the Olympics are over because I was getting tired of them.

I painted my toenails this weekend.

Sometimes I wish encouragement didn't exist. Because its nice when you have it. But when you don't, you wonder how awful you really are. This is not a sympathy ploy or a pity party.

I think people who condemn Christians for being intolerant are pretty hilariously ironic and self-contradictory. Its like saying, "I saw you didn't have your eyes closed when we were praying!" Ummmm...

Reagan attended her most favorite church service EVER - because we were given little rocks on our way out the door. She was mildly disappointed they were not (technically) edible, but still very pleased that someone handed her a weapon. That someone may have been her mother.

If you ever have a need to go to a law office for an appointment and you have very young children (ages 1-7), I strongly suggest you find a babysitter. The secretary does not qualify.

My sister is scooting off to college today. Safe travels home slice. Have a great senior year!!

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